Azir is a human rogue.


Azir is a lightly tanned human man. He usually wears what he considers "field gear" as opposed to the noble clothing befitting his status.

Azir considers such gaudy clothing to be over the top and prefers more inconspicuous and functional wear.


Azir is the first son of the Hawkwood family. As of late, the family has fallen on hard times and with the recent loss of his father Artorias Hawkwood during a trade expedition, Azir is poised to take the family mantle.


The Hawkwood family has always dealt in mercenary work but with the turbulent times of war past, the house has lost much of its livelihood and has been trying to move towards mercantile trade since the time of Azir’s grandfather. The shift in occupation has not been kind to the family and has led to a sharp decline in their status. While their family name is still respected, it has certainly lost its luster as of late. The shift in occupations within the family has not blunted the edge of its members. Azir was trained from childhood according to the martial traditions of House Hawkwood.


Azir is a motivated, duty driven individual bent on leading his family back to the glory days of old. He is confident of his abilities in a fight but usually prefers to resolve matters with words.


Family is everything. Blood runs thicker than water.


Azir hides a truly scandalous secret that could ruin the family forever.


Nothing is more important than the other members of my family.


Azir has two younger sisters with whom he has a good relationship with. His mother passed away while his siblings were young.


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