The Cult of Asmodeus is an organization dedicated to Asmodeus, the leader of all devils of the Nine Hells.


Members of the cult operate in secret, often wearing blood-red cloaks and golden half-face masked to conceal the upper part of their faces.

The adventurers first encountered the organization when they saw members of the cult attacking Renaer Neverember. At first, little was known about the cult's motivations to target Renaer aside from the fact that they were after something called the "stone of golorr".


The Hand of Nessus

This organization was a sect of the cult, it was mainly composed of dark elves under the leadership of an elf that defected from the Bregan D'aerthe.

  • Loreloth (Deceased): The female drow leader of The Hand of Nessus, she was confronted by the adventurers before being assassinated by Fel'rekt Lafeen.
  • Zoleth (Former member): A male drow that begrudgingly joined The Hand of Nessus when Loreloth left the Bregan D'aerthe.
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