Deckard is a half-elf fighter of noble birth. At one time he was a soldier for the state, now he is a self-proclaimed soldier of the people.


On the taller side for a half-elf, Deckard is generally well dressed underneath his weathered and dirty fur lined travelers cloak. Never luxurious, but usually sharp. From his adventuring lifestyle he is rather tan, very much resembling the dapper figure to our right.


Deckard is the only son of Erevan and Annea Meliamne (Mel-e-am-nyeah). At a young age Deckard learned how hard it would be for him to fit in. His father an elf of nobility, and his mother a low born commoner. Not only was he a half elf, but he felt like a half noble. Spending more time with children of the field ward, and on his fathers farm than in the families Manor.

After his mothers death when he was in his twenties Deckard joined the Waterdeep Guard. Years later while garrisoned on the Long Road he would meet a young Goliath recruit Kane. Patrolling for bandits and warding off threats to travelers of Waterdeep they became like brothers. After the army Kane became Deckards bodyguard until his untimely death at the hands of Cult of Asmodeus footmen.

Whether it being a fight against injustice or the Cult of Asmodeus Deckard uses Kane's Goliath Maul with strength that seems unnatural for a half-elf, crushing anything stupid enough to stand in his way.


Deckard is a well meaning, polite and respectful man.


He has a familial, and partly self inflicted responsibility towards the greater good of others. Feeling both blessed and cursed by his noble upbringing he strives to fight for the weak, saving those that he is able to whether it be through his social station or his incredible brute force.


Feeling superior to the nobility around him, he feels like he is never wrong. Stubborn to a fault he will never relent on his musing of freedom for all peoples, and greater social equality between the haves and have nots. Being head on about such things, he rubs many nobles the wrong way.


On the other hand he is a man of the people, employing many from the Field Ward to his large farm, Annea's Rest, for shares in both the crop and the sale.

His time as a soldier during the Elemental Evil Crisis also instilled in him strong bonds with his compatriots and will go to whatever lengths possible to help them. That mentality is rather quickly transferring to his new allies in Waterdeep.



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