Jynxx was a goblin criminal turned monk. The goblin was killed after succumbing to his wounds from battling the people in red robes.


Looking at Jynxx the first things you would notice are his large red eyes, ears almost the size of his head, and razor sharp teeth. His skin is mustard green and splattered with small scars from his life of crime and living in the wild. His arms are covered from wrist to chest in goblin and tribal tattoos. As rough as his body is you are pleasantly surprised by how well groomed and manicured he is; he wears his hair in a Mohawk that is pulled and tied back. Jynxx is a small but muscular and lean creature that stands 3’11”.

Jynxx wears all black cloth strapped together by multiple dark leather belts that hold everything tight to his body. The straps have been modified to be bandoleers that hold throwing darts across his chest. Being an unwanted Goblin in a large city, Jynxx almost always wears his hood up, covering much of his face but allowing his large ears to protrude out through two slits. His hood has a little mask he can pull up to cover his face further when needing to be stealthy. Overall, Jynxxs’ wear is simple and utilitarian but is accented by a metal cable necklace with two large fangs on it.


Jynxx comes from a small goblin tribe that lived north of Waterdeep in the caves between the Sword Mountains and the Kryptgarden Forest. Though no strangers to violence his tribe mainly survived on theft and relied on the protection of a small group of Worgs that lived with them. One night, when Jynxx was 17, his tribe was attacked and completely wiped out; he believes he was the only one to survive. Over the next few months he found himself traveling south till he ended up in Waterdeep; starting a life of crime and theft while trying to learn more about the men who slaughtered his tribe.


Today, Jynxx is 21 and much less driven by rage and revenge. He has spent the last 4 years mastering the streets and tunnels of Waterdeep, building a name for himself as a silent retriever of things, and learning the ins and out of the criminal underground. Recently he was involved in a murder mystery where he discovered one of his few friends, Ryzalor, was killed by a young dragonborn. He and an unlikely group of travelers and merchants took it upon themselves to solve the mystery. After everything was said and done, and the loss of another close friend, Jynxx found himself reliving and replaying in his mind that terrible night 4 years ago. To blow off steam and clear his mind Jynxx ended his night in the underground, drinking and gambling. Jynxx would wake up the next morning to an unfamiliar face, a burning pain in his back, no coin, and a blurry memory of a red cloaked figure.

Jumping out of bed and loudly demanding ‘Who you are!?’ Jynxx found himself locked eyes with a dark elf in dark robes standing on the other side of the room. “Elveara is my name, and I need your help. I can not pay you but I can teach you to protect yourself.’ she replied. Jynxx would spend the next two months collecting information and running tasks for Elveara; In return she would teach him how to fight and defend himself using The Way of the Shadow. The two become many things, colleagues, friends, master and student, but what locked their fates was a common enemy; a mysterious red cloaked figure.



Slow to Trust. Being a goblin in the civilized world has not been easy and spending much of his time surrounded with criminals Jynxx takes a long time to trust anyone. He believes everyone is out for themselves and wants something in return.

Blunt. Goblins call it like they see it, they believe sugar coating things or using confusing language are signs of trickery and lies. They believe the more blunt and simple you are the better.


Loyal. Jaded by his past and reinforced by the people of Waterdeep Jynxx is only loyal to his friends not any ideals. Everyone else? He couldn’t care less.


Stubborn. Jynxx would rather eat his own dagger then admit he is wrong.

Illiterate. Jynxx is unable to read common.


Protective. Someone he cared for dearly was killed because of a mistake he made. This will never happen again, considering Jynxs ever let's someone get that close to him again.


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