Kados is a tiefling outfitter turned sorcerer.


Kados is a tiefling with light red skin tone and dusty gold eyes. Black hair swept back with a small lock of hair braided on one side. A bit tall for a tiefling if not counting horns which protrude from either side of his forehead. His horns curl up but are shorter than most tieflings', about two and a half inches in length.

Kados is usually found wearing the latest and greatest styles, being an outfitter, he is well-versed in current fashion. Prefers to wear long sleeved clothes, hiding the draconic tattoos running the length of both his arms. Wears a gold banded ring on his right hand, middle finger.


Since losing his travelling companion and business partner, Garth, during the events of 2 Ches 1495 DR to 3 Ches 1495 DR, Kados decided to go back to his friend's village near Neverwinter to relay the news to his family.

During the two week trip back up north, Kados was set upon by a tribe of orcs while crossing the Sword Mountains. Knowing that he would never escape them on-foot in the mountainous terrain, Kados decided to fight. Hoping that wounding a few of them would scare the rest away, Kados threw a dagger at the biggest orc only for the dagger to miss and land on the orcs' toes. Enraged, the tribe surrounded Kados and were about to deliver the final blow. Realizing that there was no escaping this time, Kados resigned himself to death. Giving the gold banded ring his parents left him one last kiss, he waited for the inevitable. All Kados saw in what he thought were his final moments was a flash of light, then warmth, then darkness.

When he came to, he saw nothing but flames around him, the whole area was scorched black, all that was left of the orcs were smoldering heaps of ash. His sleeves were burned away, revealing glowing draconic tattoos etched into his skin. Not knowing where or how this power came to be, Kados could only thank the gods that he lived to see another day. Setting off once again, he made the rest of the journey north, finally reaching Garth's village. After delivering the news to Garth's parents, Kados resolved himself to find out more about the powers that saved him in his time of need. Guessing he might find more answers in the ancient books housed in the great library at Waterdeep, he made the long journey back south.


Kados has a rigid, aloof disposition, a firm believer in showing rather than telling. He is hard to approach but once befriended can be a steadfast ally. Though seemingly cold, Kados loves a good joke and is always down for a quiet game of dragonchess. Whether he is good at it or not is another story.


Since learning about his newfound powers, Kados has been more and more inclined to experiment with the arcane. The quest for knowledge of the magic that resides within him and his past is ever present in Kados' mind. Though curious about his powers, Kados would rather burn himself to ash than to let his powers hurt those he cares about.


Kados often resorts to running when he determines he's in a fight he can't win. That flight or fight response ended in disaster when he left his companion Garth in an alleyway to die while he ran away. Those events haunt him and Kados vows to never leave a comrade behind again, even at the cost of his life.


Kados promised to himself and Garth that he would lead a fulfilling life for both of them as Garth's had been cut short. Kados is also deeply interested in the golden ring passed down to him by his parents and wants to find out more about both them and the ring.


Previously business partners with a now-deceased goliath named Garth. Kados ran a clothing cart with him, travelling from town to town peddling their wares. Since coming to Waterdeep, Kados was caught up in a murder mystery that lead to his friend's death along with meeting new companions along the way: Deckard, Suthra, and Jynxx.


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