Phandalin is a frontier town between Neverwinter Wood and the Sword Mountains.


Phandalin was originally a farming community. However, in 951 DR, it was overrun by orcs and then abandoned. After Volothamp Geddarm passed through the town and wrote about it, the area experienced an influx of tourists and adventurers. Sometime in the 1400's DR, settlers from Neverwinter and Waterdeep resettled the ruins of Phandalin, and it was well-established by 1491 DR.

Locations in Phandalin

  • Alderleaf Farm: A simple farm that was run by a wise female halfling named Qelline Alderleaf.
  • Barthen's Provisions: The biggest trading post in Phandalin, staying open from sunup to sundown. It is run by a lean and balding, middle-aged man with a kindly manner, Elmar Barthen.
  • Edermath Orchard: An orchard field with the simple cottage of a silver-haired half-elf named Daran Edermath.
  • Lionshield Coster: A weapons and armor supplier owned by the Lionshield Coster. The master of this post is a sharp-tongued woman named Linene Graywind.
  • Phandalin Miner's Exchange: A trading post where miners have their finds weighed and paid out. The exchange is run by a human woman named Halia Thornton.
  • Shrine of Luck: A small shrine made of stone from the ruins and Phandalin's only temple, dedicated to Tymora. It was in the care of a zealous young elf named Sister Garaele, but is now in the care of her sister, L'aela.
  • Smithy: A small forge used for repairing mining tools and shoeing horses run by a human man named Godwin
  • The Sleeping Giant: A rundown, dirty, and dangerous watering hole operated by a surly female dwarf named Grista.
  • Stonehill Inn: A modest inn run by a short, friendly young human man named Toblen Stonehill.
  • Townmaster's Hall: A small building that serves as the town's council building. It also houses a small, but serviceable jail in the cellar. It is run by the townsmaster, Harbin Wester.
  • Tresendar Manor: More of a castle than a manor, it is an ancient building that was abandoned after the orc raids of 951 DR.
  • Woodcarver: A small shop run by a gnome named Stick Woodcurls.

Inhabitants of Phandalin

  • Carp Alderleaf, a young halfling boy.
  • Qelline Alderleaf, a female halfling farmer.
  • Ander, a male human clerk at Barthen's Provisions.
  • Elmar Barthen, a male human shopkeeper.
  • Daran Edermath, a male half-elf orchard owner.
  • Elsa, a female half-elf barmaid at the Stonehill Inn.
  • Freda, a female human weaver.
  • Latham Lumberlander, a male goliath adventurer.
  • Linene Graywind, a female human shopkeeper.
  • Grista, a female dwarf bar owner.
  • L'aela, a female elf follower of Tymora.
  • Lanar, a male human miner.
  • Moneux, a female shifter adventurer.
  • Narth, a male human farmer.
  • Quoorin, a male elf adventurer.
  • Shanjan, a male human adventurer.
  • Spills the Stew, a male tabaxi adventurer.
  • Pip Stonehill, a young human boy.
  • Toblen Stonehill, a male human innkeeper.
  • Trilena Stonehill, a female human.
  • Thistle, a male half-elf clerk at Barthen's Provisions.
  • Varien, a male half-elf adventurer.
  • Harbin Wester, a male human townmaster.
  • Tibor Wester, a male human logger.

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