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Dragon of Icespire Peak

Session 12: Return to Falcon's Hunting Lodge

Back on the road, the adventurers survived an encounter with the dragon that had been terrorizing the roads. They pressed on to the ruined settlement of Thundertree where they met a familiar face.

Session 11: Life in Phandalin

The adventurers success in Phandalin had led to a period of peace in the town where they found themselves looking for things to pass the time until their next quest.

Session 10: The Dragon Under the Hill

The adventurers make their first steps toward establishing a place they can call home in Phandalin.

Waterdeep Dragon Heist

Session 12: New Blood

Nimoar's Hold was saved from the trolls and the flames that threatened to consume the settlement. The adventurers assisted a young spellcaster named Ahgairon before they were flung through time once more into an office overlooking what looked like Waterdeep.

Session 11: The Heroes of the Troll War

Viego was slain! The characters narrowly escaped the Palace of Shoon III in the year 130 DR. They were once again hurdled through time and found themselves in a field north of Mount Waterdeep in what should have been the city of Waterdeep itself.

Session 10: A Wrinkle in the Weave

The adventurers began to settle into their new home at Trollskull Manor. Though after a night of raucous celebration one of them received an urgent message from The Blackstaff, Vajra Safahr.

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