The cold bite of winter was finally waning on the City of Splendors. Unfortunately, the cold cruelty of others had not...

The common folk of the Field Ward had been bullied by a local drow named Nassil. The drow claimed to be a part of the Bregan D’aerthe, a group of powerful drow criminals, and had taken to extorting “protection money” from a small block in the Field Ward.

Many folks in Cat's Alley had collected Nassil’s protection money, entrusting the collection to Ryzalor, an elderly male dragonborn.


A clamor in a small neighborhood of Waterdeep's Field Ward led to the formation of a rag-tag party of folks on a mission to solve a kindly old dragonborn's murder. The murderer was caught but the party found themselves caught in the middle of a group of mysterious folks in disguise as watchmen.

The watchmen impersonators were apprehended at the cost of two lives; Garth and Kane.

Red-robed figures delivered ominous messages and the head of Nassil to the surviving members of the party.

Player Characters

  • Arc the genasi butcher
  • Deckard the half-elf noble
  • Garth the goliath glover
  • Jynxx the goblin criminal
  • Kados the tiefling outfitter
  • Kane the goliath mercenary
  • Lyra the elf bookbinder
  • Suthra the dragonborn torturer

Non-Player Characters

  • Mura, a hard-working hill dwarf and proprietor of the The Last Refuge, one of the few taverns in the Field Ward. She works hard to one day move to the Dock Ward and be closer to her family. She admittedly has a hoarding problem.
  • Nassil, a venomous drow and self-imposed extortioner for the Bregan D'aerthe in the Field Ward.
  • Ryzalor, a kindly old blue dragonborn native to Waterdeep and a friendly face in the Cat's Alley neighborhood of the Field Ward.

Allies, Enemies & Organizations


  • Mura: The party was able to clear out a band of ruffians that were causing trouble in Mura's tavern, The Last Refuge


  • The folks in red robes: Ryzalor's murderer was clad in red robes, watchmen impostors led by a red-robed human man attacked the party, red-robed figures threatened the surviving party members


Player Characters

  • Kane: Struck down by a red-robed magic user's spiritual weapon spell in the form of a spectral, black axe.
  • Garth: Stabbed to death by two watchmen impostors.

Non-Player Characters

  • Nassil: Decapitated, head delivered to party by red-robed figure during a funeral for Kane and Garth.
  • Ryzalor: Stabbed in his home
  • Red-robed dragonborn: Decapitated by a red-robed human man's spiritual weapon spell in the form of a spectral, black axe.
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