Umbrage Hill got its name after two feuding dwarf clans fought a pitched battle atop it. The cause of their umbrage was a tale lost to time, and only the cairns of the dead now remain. The hill eventually became home to midwife named Adabra Gwynn.



Latham, a new arrival to the town of Phandalin, met the Spills the Stew at the town's job board as the tabaxi fought for the last job posting. As the tabaxi shouted at the goliath Varien, Moneux and Quoorin took note of the situation and approached.

"The local midwife — an acolyte of Chauntea named Adabra Gwynn — lives by herself in a stone windmill on the side of a hill a few miles south of Phandalin. With dragon sightings becoming more common, it’s not safe for her to be alone. Urge Adabra to return to Phandalin. Once she’s safe, visit Townmaster Harbin Wester to claim a reward of 25 gp."
The adventurers agreed to take on the quest together. The job posting required the adventurers to bring the town's midwife, Adabra Gwynn, back to Phandalin due to concerns about dragon sightings near the town.

Umbrage Hill

The adventurers made their way south to Umbrage Hill. As Spills the Stew described, the hill was the site of a battle between feuding dwarf clans.


The manticore

As the party drew closer to the hill, they witnessed a spline-tailed winged creature, a manticore, attacking the house atop Umbrage Hill. Varien rushed forth to examine what he thought was a dragon before a woman poked her head out from a window in the home and yelled for help. The adventurers attacked the creature with Moneux launching arrows at the beast; Quoorin and Latham rushed the monster attacking with their weapons; Spills the Stew and Varien hurled spells at the winged foe. As their foe attempted to fly away, Quoorin sliced at its heels and Moneux was able to deal the killing blow as she launched an arrow straight through the beast.

Though Adabra refused to leave her home at first, the adventurers were able to convince the midwife to return to Phandalin. She was able to mend the wounds of the adventurers and provided them with potions of healing in exchange for their heroism.

Return to Phandalin

The adventurers made their way back to Phandalin where Latham revealed that he was the leader of a knightly order called The Shielding Hand that serves good. As the adventurers retire for the night, Spills the Stew attempts to create a story about the party's exploits though he has trouble describing the adventuring party.

Player Characters

Non-Player Characters

  • Adabra Gwynn, a female halfling midwife of Phandalin who lived near the top of Umbrage Hill.
  • Spills the Stew, a male tabaxi bard and adventurer looking to catalog the adventures of heroes.
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