The party scoured Dock Ward for clues regarding the mysterious treasure maps. Their investigation led them to a tavern known as The Ship's Prow...


Azir and Benny entered the tavern while Benny and Chomp stayed outside to keep watch. Inside, they reunited with Thrask who was casually eating mutton and drinking ale.

The adventurers followed a barmaid to the back of the tavern and learned that the bar's proprietor had been letting more shady folks into the tavern in recent days.

After staking out the establishment and seeing a woman with bright, red hair the party moved towards a door in the back that staff were going in and out of. Using their experience at Soaring Delights, Viego and Thrask maneuvered through the bustling kitchen with Azir tagging along behind them until they reached a storage room.

The End of the Line

Inside the storage room the party found a hidden trapdoor set into the floor. Thrask decided to test the trapdoor for traps by swinging his axe into it. Poison gas filled the storage room but the party was able to avoid its dangerous effects.

Soon after the gas dispersed, the party was greeted by the red-haired woman they saw in the taproom, flanked by a group of drow. The red-haired woman transformed into a drow as she moved towards the characters. Combat broke out between the drow and the party. During the battle, the adventurers found Kados underneath the trapdoor. Reunited with Kados and with a surprise entry by Ian the "cobbler", the adventurers were able to defeat the drow and apprehend their leader.

Crime and Punishment

The City Watch arrived shortly after the end of the battle and arrested everyone involved. The party was escorted to a watch post where they learned that Kados was abducted and questioned about a "vault of dragons" and a map. The party had a hunch that the fake maps leading adventurers to The Baron of Blood may have been a way to thin out the competition while others try to find a real map to this "vault of dragons".

A watchpost guard handed the party's punishment to them, 2,750 gp in fines to cover the property damage and disturbance to the peace the party created. As the adventurers pondered on what they would do to cover the fee, they were released from their cell and told that their fines were promptly paid for. In the watchpost's front office, the party was met by J.B. who claimed that their fees were dealt with by their "employer".

Returning to the Baron

When the left the watchpost, the adventurers returned to The Splintered Stair where they attempted to meet with Ez. After failing to properly signal Ez, the party was taken to a storeroom in the back of the tavern and scolded by the earth genasi. After divulging their findings to Ez, the party was instructed to sleep in The Splintered Stair while the information found its way to The Baron of Blood.

The adventurers awoke to the cold, dark environment of the Baron of Blood's lair, they met once more with the Baron who confirmed that the characters had successfully uncovered the source of many maps that led to his lair. The Baron rewarded several of the adventurers, he connected Kados to a nature reserve run by the Emerald Enclave, Viego's rotted arm was to be examined by a specialist and he received a mechanical modron arm in place of it and Azir was to receive a property in the North Ward.

Trollskull Manor

The adventurers made their way to North Ward where Azir was instructed to receive his property. After describing the location of the property Viego, Thrask and Kados thought it sounded familiar and upon arrival they realized Azir's property was one of the locations they visited while following their treasure map.

Azir was presented with an abandoned, dilapidated building known as Trollskull Manor which contained a tavern on its ground level. A hefty startup cost of 1,250 gp was required to get the tavern operational. A magister presented the deed to Azir who allowed both Viego and Thrask to sign onto the building as a shared reward for their efforts. As the adventurers left Trollskull Manor to discuss their plans for the building they saw the words "GET OUT" written in the dust that covered the tavern's windows.

Player Characters

  • Azir the human rogue
  • Kados the tiefling sorcerer
  • Thrask the lizardfolk ranger
  • Viego the human kensei

Non-Player Characters

  • Baron of Blood, a male human and dark mythic figure of Waterdeep.
  • Ez, a female earth genasi agent of the Baron of Blood.
  • J.B. Nevercott, the male human liaison of the Bregan D'aerthe in Waterdeep.
  • Ian "Sporks n' Stuff", a male halfling thief that masquerades as a "cobbler" in Dock Ward.
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