The adventurers started to settle into their new home in Trollskull Alley. They worked through the financial and legal barriers of opening a business with relative ease, now all they had to do was pass the time until constructions was complete.


The adventurers met outside the taproom of what would soon be Marmarduke's. A halfling approached the party and introduced himself as Broxley Fairkettle, a representative of the Fellowship of Innkeepers who would stop by every so often to check on the new guild members.

As Broxley bid his farewell to the adventurers a familiar face approached the party. It was Beal who the party had met before in the Yawning Portal, despite his young appearance Beal showed skill with a bow but a short temper concerning his height and age.

Meeting "Vajra"

Beal came to the Viego with a young githyanki woman, he was sent by the Blackstaff to assign Viego to babysitting duty. Though the party mistook Beal for the one needing babysitting the young bowman explained that the githyanki needed to be assigned to a discreet location with bodyguards.

The githyanki introduced herself as "Vajra Safahr" claiming that she liked the name because she liked Vajra Safahr, the Blackstaff. Beal made his leave and while the adventurers made their introductions, the familiar smell of ale filled the air.

Beer Tide!

A wave of golden, frothy liquid rolled through Trollskull Alley, knocking Azir down before catching the local genasi weaponsmith, Embric, and carrying him to an open manhole at the end of the alley.

Azir was able to wade through the pool of beer and pull Embric out before he was swept into the sewers. Embric's genasi husband, Avi, rushed over to make sure he was okay.

As the beer finished draining into the sewers, the party was approached by a human in beer-drenched, expensive clothing. The man introduced himself as Emmek Frewn and offered free round of drinks at his new tavern in Trollskull Alley, Frewn's Brews. At this point, "Vajra" introduced herself as "Viego." The party posed concerns about the two Viego's being confused with one another in conversation so "Viego" then assumed the name "Emmek," much to Emmek Frewn's dismay.

As soon as the adventurers mentioned owning Trollskull Manor and planning to open their own Tavern, Emmek became standoffish and made his leave as soon as he confirmed that Embric was unharmed. The adventurers returned to Trollskull Manor, looking to wash off Azir and clean his clothes.

Wood and Steel

The following day, as the streets were being cleaned of dry ale, Avi and Embric made a visit to Trollskull Manor to properly thank the adventurers for saving Embric. The two genasi told the adventurers that they would be supplying the small metal fixtures and pieces to the reconstruction of Trollskull Manor. Avi, the more social of the two genasi, sparked up a conversation with the adventurers about their arrival in the neighborhood. The conversation led to a question about what the adventurers thought of the local half-elf woodworker, Talsinovar "Tally" Fellbranch. Embric stormed off and claimed the half-elf was a bigot that did not approve of his and Avi's relationship.

Avi explained to the adventurers that the two genasi invited Tally to their home to discuss a joint business venture, though Tally was social and friendly at the beginning of their meeting, he slowly became less talkative as the two genasi showed their affections for one another. Tally apparently left the dinner before the dessert was served and had not spoken to either of the genasi after that night. Avi did not believe Tally to be a bigot but wanted to know if he or Embric did anything else to offend the woodworker.

The adventurers made their way to Tally's store, The Bent Nail, which was located directly across the street from Avi and Embric's business, Steam and Steel. The adventurers were greeted with warmth and kindness by the middle-aged half-elf and even contracted him to supply the furniture to Trollskull Manor and Marmaduke's. Viego eventually asked Tally about his thoughts on Avi and Embric.

Tally could see that Viego was looking for answers about his behavior towards Avi and Embric. The half-elf explained that he was married once to a human that passed away years before, the love between Avi and Embric reminded the half-elf too much of his own marriage. Tally expressed his regret in how he handled dinner with Avi and Embric but was too ashamed to admit the pain he felt to them.

The adventurers relayed an apology that Tally wanted to send to Avi as Embric worked in the forge nearby. Avi was intent on speaking to Tally to make amends but Embric stopped his work to speak to Tally directly. Embric returned to Avi and the adventurers with news that the half-elf would reconsider a business venture between The Bent Nail and Steam and Steel. Avi was delighted to hear this news and expressed more gratitude to the adventurers, promising a special deal at their store to his new friends.

At the tavern "Emmek" was introduced to Lif, the poltergeist of the building's previous owner. Lif tossed a set of cleaning rags towards the adventurers, a practice he had become known for. After Lif demonstrated how to clean, "Emmek" followed the poltergeist's lead and helped tidy the tavern up. To Azir and Viego's shock, "Emmek" was rewarded by Lif with two gold pieces and a bundle of preserved candied fruit.

Orc With Pie

A few days passed after the party's encounter with the local wood worker and smiths. Avi had enticed "Emmek" with the knowledge of baking and with the githyanki's first encounter with candy she was intent on finding more sweets. Viego and Azir agreed to take "Emmek" out to the Trades Ward to get more sweets.

The adventurers navigated their way through the packed streets of the Trades Ward and found themselves at a popular store, Sweet Tooth's Confectioner & Bakery. The party left with a handful of treats, including: Monster Cookies, muffin seeds, dragon bread and a snickerdoodle. The Monster Cookies were animated crackers in the shape of various monsters, muffin seeds were seeds that sprouted into small muffins, dragon bread was a spicy treat that filled one's belly with a warmth that crept up through their mouth and the snickerdoodle was a sweet, sugar cookie that inflicted the consumer with a hideous laughter for thirty seconds.

After the party left the sweets shop they encountered a young human girl crying on the sidewalk, she had disheveled hair, was thin and wore dirty, torn clothes. "Emmek" attempted to console the girl and once Viego stepped forward to help the girl said an orc stole her pie. "Emmek" and Viego offered to help the girl, this prompted the young girl to lead the party through the alleys towards the orc. The adventurers were eventually led to a dead end alley way where "Emmek" was separated from Azir and Viego by an iron gate that was fixed in place despite being unlocked. Azir suddenly became unconscious, as Viego and the young girl shook him awake Azir felt a tug on his coin purse and saw that the young girl was trying to steal from him. Before Azir could attack he was transformed into a rabbit with a spiraling horn protruding from his forehead.

The young girl ran away from the alley, Viego gave chase and almost caught the girl but she revealed a different form as she transformed into an adult-sized woman and ducked into the crowded streets. "Emmek" cast the jump spell on herself to retrieve Azir and catch up with Viego. The party was able to track down the fleeing woman to a dead end alleyway. Azir used the enhanced senses of his new form to sniff out the fleeing woman's hiding spot.

The woman gave into the party's pursuit and restored Azir to his original form. The party led the woman to the nearest Watch post where the guard immediately recognized the woman as a criminal named Lyra. When the party was asked if Lyra used magic on them, Azir claimed that she did not. As Lyra was taken away, she shot a smile to the group.

Trollskull Manor Restored

Several days passed after the adventurers' encounter with Lyra and the reconstruction of Trollskull Manor and Marmaduke's was complete. The formerly crumbling, dusty building in Trollskull Alley was restored to beautiful condition along with full furnishings and the specially reinforced accommodations that Renaer Neverember requested. As the party approached a fully restored Marmaduke's for the first time the beautifully restored double doors of the tavern swung open for them, as the adventurers made their entrance they saw a table setup for them with glasses and a bottle of wine floating near the table.

Lif poured a glass for "Emmek" and offered a set of seats to the other adventurers. As the others sat down, the bottle of wine was unceremoniously placed in front of them. A bowl of freshly candied fruit was presented to "Emmek" before it was gingerly presented to the others. As the adventurers rejoiced in their new home, "Emmek" announced that she had decided on a name for herself. The young githyanki wanted to use the names of the two men she had come to admire over the course of her short time in Waterdeep but did not want to cause confusion by actually taking their names.

Riza Goive was the name of the githyanki being cared for by Azir and Viego.

Player Characters

  • Azir the human swashbuckler
  • Riza the githyanki shadow sorcerer
  • Viego the human kensei of the open hand

Non-Player Characters

  • Avi, the male water genasi armorsmith of Steam and Steel.
  • Beal, a teenage male human bowman and member of the Force Grey.
  • Broxley Fairkettle, a male halfling representative of the Fellowship of Innkeepers.
  • Embric, the male fire genasi weaponsmith of Steam and Steel.
  • Emmek Frewn, the male human owner of a new tavern in Trollskull Alley called Frewn's Brews.
  • Lif, the poltergeist of an elf who previously owned Trollskull Manor.
  • Lyra, a female human magic user that disguised herself as a street urchin to rob the adventurers.
  • Talisolvanar "Tally" Fellbranch, the male half-elf owner of the woodworking shop The Bent Nail.
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