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The adventurers success in Phandalin had led to a period of peace in the town where they found themselves looking for things to pass the time until their next quest.


Days after that adventurers slew the green dragon, Latham was seen drinking, uncharacteristically early, in the Stonehill Inn. The paladin told his companions that young Shanjan departed from Phandalin to go on his own adventures much to the sadness of the others.

23 Tarsakh

After joining Latham in the Stonehill, the adventurers heard shouting from the center of the inn's taproom. They saw a human man with a feathered cap shoveling a pile of coins towards himself.

The man introduced himself as J.B., and invited the adventurers to play a game of Three Dragon Ante. While Moneux elected to watch, Latham, Quoorin and Varien played a few hands with the jovial fellow. After Varien won, taking ten platinum pieces as his winnings, J.B. handed over his deck in defeat claiming that its luck hand run out.

Spills the Stew entered the tavern as J.B. left and the party invited their tabaxi friend to learn a new game with them as they played into the night.

30 Tarsakh

It had been almost a tenday since the party's last adventure when they noticed an air of excitement in Phandalin. Spring was fast-approaching and the adventurers noticed an organized preparation of a festival in the town green.

The Who's Who of Phandalin

The party was pointed in the direction of Qelline Alderleaf, the halfling owner of a large farm in Phandalin. Qelline explained that the town was readying themselves for the holiday of Greengrass. Though the halfling had no need for extra hands, after hearing that the adventurers were restoring Tresendar Manor she implored that they meet the other notable figures in town.

The adventurers bumped into Harbin, whose home was near the Adlerleaf Farm. The townmaster was busying himself with the celebration as he trucked a wheelbarrow towards the town green.

While the adventurers made their way about town they met the town's blacksmith, a dwarf named Godwin and the town's woodworker, a human named Hal. Both craftsmen offered their services to the restoration of Tresendar Manor. Additionally, Elmar Barthen of Barthen's Provisions would have a solid supply of home goods when the manor would need them.

At the Phandalin Miner's Exchange the adventurers met Halia Thornton, a curt woman who managed the place where miners had their findings weighed and paid out.

Near the northern end of Phandalin the adventurers met the retired adventurer, Daran Edermath. Edermath was a half-elf with a surprisingly strong handshake. Edermath welcomed the adventurers as future neighbors and gifted them three bottles of cider form his orchard.

Lastly, the party approached the potion-maker and midwife of Phandalin, Adabra Gwyhe. The party had saved Adabra from a Manticore at Umbrage Hill before escorting her to Phandalin where she had taken up lodging at the Stonehill Inn. Varien asked the potion-maker if she could teach him how to craft potions of healing. Adabra was dubious but offered to train the half-elf until she would determine whether or not he had the aptitude for potion-making. Latham offered a room in Tresendar Manor for Adabra as well to give the potion-maker a home away from the one she left behind at Umbrage Hill.


The following day the town of Phandalin was enveloped in white petals that slowly drifted through the air as the inhabitants of Phandalin celebrated the beginning of spring in the town green. The adventurers joined the festivities seeing the familiar faces of Phandalin as well as those of travelers and merchants who made their way to the celebration.

The party enjoyed magical candies sold by a vendor called Sweet Tooth's Sweets, Latham and his steed, Rocinante adorned themselves in flowers and moved about the town green much to the awe of others. Spills the Stew courted L'aela throughout the day until he and other musicians performed for the festival's dance.

The adventurers and the town of Phandalin ushered in the spring until the last torch of night was ousted in the town green.

5 Kythorn

Days after the celebration of Greengrass, the party once again encounter the merchant, Pavel Hornraven, and his dragonborn companion, Kriv. The two set up shop in Phandalin's town green, when Moneux rushed over to the merchant Pavel did not remember the adventurers for a moment but claimed he saw too many faces to keep track of on his journeys.

The adventurers traded magic items and coin for a bag with a mischeivous, toothy grin and a ring of warmth.

10 Kythorn

Tibor continued his work as the foreman of Tresendar's reconstruction and would make frequent visits to the adventurers to detail the workers' progress. He had noticed tools going missing and some equipment in more disrepair than they should have been in.

The party took it upon themselves to investigate. The party approached Qelline Alderleaf, the last time they saw the halfling farmer she had mentioned her son, Carp, finding a tunnel just to the south of Tresendar Manor. Qelline told the adventurers that Carp was off playing in the nearby woods.

Moneux was able to lead the adventurers through the woods to a clearing where they saw a young halfling boy swinging a tree branch around in a clearing. Though scared at first, Carp reluctantly guided the adventurers to the tunnel in the woods. After sending Carp back home the adventurers explored the tunnel and realized its winding path led to the basement of Tresendar Manor where the corpse of the green dragon they slew began to give off the stench of decay.

Carp managed to follow the adventurers and exclaimed at the sight of the dragon. The party implored Carp to keep the fact that a dragon had kept a lair in town a secret. Dead or not, the party told Carp it would stir fear in the townsfolk. Carp agreed to keep the secret on the condition that the party would teach him how to be an adventurer. The halfling boy was surprised that the party agreed to his request. Quoorin gave the halfling boy his first task as a fledgling adventurer: keep an eye out on any trouble near Tresendar Manor's worksite but do not interfere.

Carp excitedly proclaimed how stealthy he was and gladly accepted his quest before being sent home. The adventurers made camp to keep an eye on any troublemakers around the manor but Tibor eventually sent them away, telling them he would bring more news about missing tools or potential sabotage if he could.

3 Flamerule

It had been over a month since the party's last journey outside of Phandalin. While the party counted how much coin they needed to finish Tresendar, Daran Edermath approached the group asking them if they were in need of a quest.

Daran's orchard was infested with bugs that he feared would destroy his crop. The retired adventurer asked the party to seek out his friend Reidoth, an old druid, who lived in an abandoned town called Thundertree on the western edge of Neverwinter Wood, just south of the river that flows out from the forest itself.

The party obliged Daran's request and took off from Phandalin. The air of spring was refreshing and crisp as the party marched along the familiar road toward Neverwinter Wood. Though, the air quickly became biting cold as the adventurers heard the raspy, booming roar of the white dragon as it took its landing directly in front of the adventurers.

Player Characters

  • Latham the goliath paladin of devotion
  • Moneux the shifter beast master
  • Quoorin the wood elf battle master
  • Varien the half-elf warlock of the fiend

Non-Player Characters

  • Carp Alderleaf, the young male halfling son of Qelline Alderleaf.
  • Daran Edermath, the gray-haired male half-elf owner of the apple orchard in Phandalin.
  • Elmar Barthen, the elderly male owner of Barthen's Provisions.
  • Godwin, the male dwarf smith of Phandalin.
  • Hal, the male human woodworker of Phandalin.
  • Halia Thornton, the female human owner of the Phandalin Mining Exchange.
  • Harbin Wester, the male human townmaster of Phandalin and doppelganger in disguise.
  • J.B., a male human with exquisite clothing and a feathered cap.
  • Kriv, the silent male dragonborn companion of Pavel Hornraven.
  • L'aela. the female elf sister of Tymora in Phandalin.
  • Morgana, the panther animal companion to Moneux.
  • Pavel Hornraven, the male human merchant of rare magic items.
  • Qelline Alderleaf, the female halfling owner of the Alderleaf Farm in Phandalin.
  • Spills the Stew, a male tabaxi bard and adventurer looking to catalog the adventures of heroes.
  • Tibor Wester, the male human contractor and half-brother of Harbin Wester.