Suthra is a dragonborn torturer turned bard. 


Suthra has brass scales with deep teal eyes. She wears a black cloak with a golden metallic pattern and always has a musical instrument in tow.


Suthra had been caught up in the criminal underworld since a young age. In adulthood, she begrudgingly but suitably, fell into the livelihood of a torturer to support her aging mother, Stevraa. She enjoyed finding creative ways to acquire intel for any denizen of Waterdeep that was willing to toss her some coin.

One night when Suthra had come home with provisions for her and her mother, Stevraa found scraps of fabric, a needle and discolored thread amongst Suthra's belongings. Stevraa presumed Suthra had become a tailor to make ends meet. Suthra took to telling this lie to cover up her disreputable profession and never had the heart to tell her mother the sordid truth about show she really put gruel and grog on the table.

After an adventure with a potpourri of personalities from the Field Ward, Suthra reveled in telling and retelling her mother the, albeit embellished, story of how she valiantly defeated a slew of warden impostors. Regardless of the inaccuracies, Suthra finally had a story she could tell her mother. A new passion was awakened in Suthra.

Suthra nurtured her new penchant for storytelling at the local taverns where she eventually met a grandiose and only mildly unsavory bard who began to mentor her and teach her to play the hurdy-gurdy.

Suthra had always been aware of the power of her words. She had the natural ability to get inside people's heads and manipulate them. She was adept at hurling verbal insults, a talent especially fostered and exercised during her torture sessions. Now she was on her way to harnessing all of her innate powers to become a bard. She now had a new life path she could share sincerely with her mother.


Suthra is moody but patient. She is highly charismatic so she is used to other people doing what she tells them to do. She doesn't ask for permission and will usually take matters into her own hands before waiting for a consensus from the group.


Suthra puts those she has a bond with before all else. She will always uphold contractual obligations.


Suthra is used to doing everything on her own so she doesn't always want to work with others and has a hard time asking for help.


She is slow to trust others, but for her kin, she will do the unthinkable.



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