Viego is a human kensei heir to the Golden Axe family of House Deocar.


Viego is a dark-skinned human man, he often wears clothing suitable to his noble status. His well-made attire contrasts against his often drunken or hungover state of being.

His left arm has the marks of an almost critical wound inflicted by a necrotic spell. It is blackened in many spots across his now-shriveled and skinny limb.


Viego is the second son of the Deocar "Golden Axe" family. Each generation of a Deocar family has an heir who will wield the family weapon when they prove themselves worthy. That heir was Viego's elder brother, Dante.


Viego spent most of his life avoiding his duties to his family, eventually joining the city watch in order to live independently while still being able to claim his work was training.

After the untimely demise of Dante Deocar, Viego was forced to retire from the Watch and train to replace his brother as The Golden Axe. So far, Viego has failed to prove himself worthy due to his lack of discipline and destructive vices. At what may have been his lowest point, Viego lost the use of his left arm when he drunkenly intervened in a back alley fight. Now he may never be able to wield his family axe.


Viego is confident in his own abilities and does what he can to instill confidence in others.


Sincerity, he sees no good in pretending to be something he is not not.


He has a weakness for the vices of the city, especially a hard drink.


Viego has a strong responsibility to uphold his family's legacy.


Dominic Deocar

Viego's father, head of house Deocar, and retired wielder of The Gilded Edge.


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